AUSTRALIA – A TALE OF FOUR CITIES Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney & Cairns.


Memories of Melbourne

I’ve dreamt of going to Australia since I was a little girl.

My favourite TV programme was “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo”

The show was about the adventures of a young boy Sonny and his highly intelligent pet kangaroo Skippy.

I was fascinated by everything …. Skippy, the wildlife, the scenery, the climate – I made my mind up. “I’m going to Australia when I grow up”

Well I’m all grown up now 👵🏻

Sonny & Skippy – my childhood heroes 🧒

We bade a fond farewell to Hong Kong 🇭🇰

We arrived in Melbourne after a long flight.

I couldn’t believe it – here I was in Australia after all the years yearning to go there !!!

“An rud is annamh is iontach“ – What is seldom is wonderful.

Southern Hemisphere experiences – does the water go down the drain anti-clockwise ?

Photo Credit : Hotel Photos

We stayed at The Westin Hotel. Great hotel. Central to everything. Fantastic views of Melbourne.

“ Rise & Shine you’re in Australia” I look out the window.

First impression the sun is shining, the Christmas Decorations are up???

Amazing – I love Christmas 🎄 Really excited to spend New Year’s Eve in Australia 😎

Note the clear blue sky!

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m excited 😊

First a tour of Melbourne.

Tip : Ride a piece of Australia’s heritage via the City Circle Tram

(route number 35) in Melbourne’s central district. The City Circle Tram provides a free and convenient way for tourists and locals to witness Melbourne ‘s prominent tourist attractions, while riding on an iconic tram. Hop on Hop off.

We loved the tram tour 💕💕💕💕

We hopped off at The Ned Kelly Gaol. Brian always wanted to see this. Well worth the effort.

Edward Kelly (Ned Kelly 1854-1880) was an Irish -Australian bushranger. One of the last bushrangers and by far the most famous.

Ned Kelly has divided opinion in Australia for over a century, some seeing him as a loyal son and defender of his people, others as a criminal and a murderer.



My legend Brian ready for the shootout.

Kelly is best known for wearing a suit of bulletproof armour during his final shootout with the police.

54F46752-2091-40EB-9BA3-460698A1EA80Ned Kelly’s green shash, awarded to him for bravery when he saved a young boy from drowning. He wore the sash under his armour in the final seige at Glenrown, His blood stains still remain on the sash.

Hop on – Federation Square

Federation Square is a purpose built venue for arts, culture and public events on the edge of the Central Business District of Melbourne. Great city

The Block Arcade is a heritage shopping arcade in the central business district of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Melbourne’s Golden Mile heritage walk runs through the arcade.

Tip : Bring your credit card $$$$$$

img_4637-1Photo Credit : Pinterest

Prince’s Pier, Melbourne- a must stop for photographers 📸

We had a lovely lunch on the pier. Great view.

Relaxing 😌 Fish & chips with salad. Our first taste of Australian barramundi. Outstanding.

Next on the agenda. Brian’s first cousin & his beautiful wife Janine collected us from our hotel & whisked us off to Geelong.

Brian & his first cousin John

My next part of the journey.

City Number Two Geelong – A Tale of family, friends, fun, fine wines, food, did I say fun, fun, fun ? ☀

Looking forward to reminiscing this. The highlight of our trip.

Thanks Johnno & Nena.

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  1. I am pleased you finally got to visit Australia it is a beautiful country…I love WA…so beautiful and wild in places…Thank you for the follow 🙂


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