One City – Hong Kong – Two Experiences One on Business – One on Holiday

I hope you enjoyed my introductory blog ✍

So, here goes : My First Blog.
I wanted my first blog to include two of my favorite things.
I’m passionate about my business and I love to travel. 💕💕💕

                   “Bíonn súileach scéalach” Travel broadens the mind.

I’m so fortunate to travel the world for my business.
Traveling to Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, Award Ceremonies, Private Jewelry Shows & as a Trade delegate with The Irish Trade Board to European cities & “The Look is Ireland “ different US cities every year.

Why choose Hong Kong 🇭🇰?
I choose this city because I love it 😍
I also had two very different experiences there.
I hope you enjoy.

My first experience of Hong Kong was on a business trip with my husband Brian to The Hong Kong Jewellery & Gems Fair.


Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

We stayed in Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel. (Marriott) The hotel was fantastic. We had an amazing room. Great views of Victoria Harbour & Hong Kong City Skyline.
We got a great deal as we were delegates at the Jewellery & Gems Fair.

image-1Photo credit : The hotel’s website.
Tip: I made the collage using The Moldiv App.

Great memories of this hotel.

I will always cherish the views, fabulous room, the executive lounge & most of all the food. Cosmopolitan cuisine & excellent company.


We spent two days at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gems Fair. We spent most of our time in the The Packaging, Tools & Equipment Pavilion.
Brian is always looking for new tools & equipment to use in the creation of Brian de Staic Jewellery.
My passion is display, packaging & point of sale material for our retail stores in Dingle & Killarney.
When we had our business done in the pavilion we strolled through the jewellery halls.
Jaw dropping stuff – great display ideas for me. 💍
Brian was fascinated by the variety of jewellery styles.

Day 3 Shopping 👜👠🕶👗👔👛👡 Yay 😁

Hong Kong Holiday – A Totally Different Experience.

We went on a trip of a life time to Australia in 2013 ( a different story).
We dropped down in Hong Kong for 2 nights
We stayed at Trader’s Hotel, 508 Queen’s Road West, Western District Hong Kong. A great hotel with a terrific executive lounge.

image-3Photo credit : hotel photos

We checked in. Lovely room. We showered after our long flight from Ireland. It was late so we asked the concierge to suggest a local restaurant.

We went to an authentic Hong Kong restaurant – packed with locals. No one spoke English. We didn’t know what to order.
I asked the waiter to get me whatever the man in the next table was having!!!

Brian asked for fish. The waiter left, 5 mins. later he arrives back with a huge dirty blue bucket & an enormous live fish 🐟 swimming in it. I kid you not.
Brian gives the thumps up 👍 “ok”

The dishes arrive – mine is Chicken FEET & cabbage. You couldn’t make this up.

image-4Photo credit – Fooducate  Funny photo isn’t it😂

Disgusting ???
No , the broth was delicious.
I chickened out on eating the feet though – excuse the pun!
Brian tried one. He thought it was “grand”
Brian’s fish dish was delicious 😋

We polished off the meal with red bean pudding.
I didn’t like it 😝

image-5Photo Credit :

Ten must-try Hong Kong local food – No chicken feet!!!
1 Egg tart, 2 Egg waffle,3 Wonton Noodles,
4 Pineapple bun, 5 Roast Goose, 6 Fish ball,
7 Vegetarian shark fin soup, 8 Deep fried stinky tofu
9 Siu Mai, 10 Red bean pudding

Funny Incident 🤣🤣🤣

After breakfast the following morning we get dressed for the day. I choose my new white shorts, strappy t-shirt and flip flops. Brian also clad in similar garb.
We go to reception to get directions to Ladies Market. The Concierge looks at us in a very peculiar manner. I thought I had two heads. He gives us the said directions.
We go out the front door, it’s pouring rain ☔ Everyone is all wrapped up in coats, hats,boots & umbrellas ☂
“What’s going on Brian?” The Geography Teacher asks.👩‍🏫
“I think it’s winter here!” I completely forgot we were still in the Northern Hemisphere. We had a great laugh 😂 & returned to our room to dress appropriately for winter- bloody tourists.

We had a great day in downtown Hong Kong 🇭🇰

image-6Ladies Market

image-7Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon – Crowded Streets.


The Clock Tower is a landmark in Hong Kong. It is located on the southern shore of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. It is the only remnant of the original site of the former Kowloon Station on the Kowloon-Canton Railway. Lovely


Temple Street Night Market. A hive of activity. Best street food ever 😘😘😘
Delicious Hong Kong delicacies like the seafood, potted rice with different ingredients, a variety of noodles, etc. can be found in the clustering Dai Pai Dong (open-air street stalls) 🍚 🍜 🐠
Tip:This 600-meter open-air market starts business at about 4pm and really gets going during 7pm-9pm when it is crammed with stalls and people. Well worth a visit. I loved it. Great food, fun – fascinating


We ate like locals. Hong Kong is also unofficially but very affectionately known as the ‘Land of Dim Sum’. Delicate-size snacks that are served in baskets, eating dim sum is like a ritual in Hong Kong. Loved 💕💕💕

We had an amazing 2 nights in Hong Kong. A fantastic start to our Australian Adventure ( A blog for another day)

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I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.
I promise to do my best in bringing you content that will interest, inform, educate and motivate.

Slán go fóill – Bye for now,
Blogger to be,

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  1. What a descriptive post—thank you for sharing! Your photos (especially your soup) give a feel for the vibrancy of the city. Looking forward to future entries on your adventures. Safe travels!

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