Welcome Fáilte Blog BdeStaic.com

Fáilte Welcome to my blog BdeStaic.com.
I set up this blog to try my hand at blogging (newcomer to this! 🤔)
This notion to write a blog lies at the heart of my experimentation with new forms of marketing to connect with friends & customers.

I’m director at Brian de Staic Jewellery
http://www.briandestaic.com. We are established since 1981

I also want to share the interests Brian and I have in Celtic Literature, Art, Drama, History, Folklore, Music, Film & Archaeology.

Jewellery, Design & Creation are a big part of who we are.

Travel is up there too. Yay we love to travel. I can’t wait to share some fun stories.✈️🚟⛱🗽🕌🏙

We are passionate about the Irish Language.
I’d like to share nice phrases and seanfhocail (proverbs) in my blog.

Giorraíonn beirt bóthar – Company makes a journey seem shorter.
Please join me on my journey.


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Email address : maireaddestaic@gmail.com

Instagram: Brian_deStaic_jewellers
Facebook : Brian de Staic
Facebook Page : Brian de Staic Jewellery https://www.facebook.com/BriandeStaicJewellery/

Website : https//www.briandestaic.com

Blog: BdeStaic.com. Please follow

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.
I promise to do my best in bringing you content that will interest, inform, educate and motivate.

Slán go fóill – Bye for now,
Blogger to be,

Slán go fóill – Bye for now
Blogger to be,

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